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Phoenix DryRod® bench electrode ovens are ideal for onsite welding trailers, welding shops and welding training facilities
DryRod® bench rod ovens are the leading high capacity electrode storage ovens and are ideal for job trailers, welding shops and training facilities. DryRod® ovens have served welders since 1950 and continue to be the leading choice for welders worldwide.

Type 15B - The 15B maximizes shop space while providing mid-size capacity capabilities.

Type 300 - The legendary Type 300 rod oven offers the ideal combination of storage capacity and temperature range for any welding application.

Type 900 – For high volume welding operations, the Type 900 offers maximum capacity in a compact oven.

Type 40HT – Baking of electrodes requires a higher temperature and advanced controls. The 40HT is an efficient, insulated oven used to bake moisture out of electrodes.